The tip shows you appreciate the service.

Delivery is a CONVENIENCE. It feels so good to have it delivered for you.

  • You don’t have to get it yourself.
  • And waste your time, energy, and gas.
  • The driver endured weather and traffic for you.
  • You can watch TV or do things around the house instead.
  • How much is that worth? because your time is valuable.

The tip shows that you value the driver’s work.

It just feels good to tip.
It shows that you’re a good person. It’s a good thing to do.
It shows you have class.
Tipping is common courtesy. It’s customary.

Not tipping is considered:

rude and unheard of inconsiderate ungrateful for the service as if delivery meant nothing to you

If one does not tip, they:

take advantage of the driver steal the services of the driver insult and waste the driver’s valuable time

  • Tips are necessary for the job. Tips mean everything to the driver. That’s why they deliver. Without it, there’s no point in keeping the job.

    Without it, drivers receive only minimum wage. Some drivers are paid sub-minimum wage. They use their own car. They pay for their own gas and repairs. They end up making less than minimum wage, without tips, when you include the cost of operating a car. The store does not reimburse them entirely.

    It’s assumed that tips will cover those expenses. Their employers assume they will receive tips. If delivery was minimum wage, everyone would quit. There are plenty of minimum wage jobs that don’t wear down your car.

    Drivers do not use a company car. Pizza drivers:

  • risk their cars and lives in traffic
  • risk robbery, assault, and murder on the job
  • are targets for criminals because they carry food and money In addition to driving, they do a lot of in-store work. They search for houses, which isn’t easy. It’s not like finding your own house. Many addresses don’t have visible numbers.

    Pizza delivery is not supposed to be a minimum wage job.
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